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Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral mediator who is trained to help people discuss their differences.


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The standard divorce doesn’t have to be about two adversarial lawyers fighting over each and every detail of your life.  There is always the option of mediating your own divorce or modification/contempt issue without attorneys or a court filing.

When two people are unable to discuss their conflict directly, they enlist the expertise of a neutral third party mediator.  At Flink Mediation and Consulting, Meredith Ditchen-Oakley works with private parties directly to help them understand what options they have to resolving their dispute.  If both parties are agreeable to meeting and discussing the issues, reaching an agreement in a short amount of time is a real possibility.  We begin the process by talking with each party (either separately or together by phone), submitting a series of documents for you to complete (which may be done prior to or at the mediation) and setting up a convenient time to meet.

At the mediation session we determine what each parties’ perspective is and we work with you to find a happy medium.  If we can find that compromise across all of the issues, you can effectively resolve your dispute right then and there.  Sometimes it takes one session; sometime several.  Typically, the amount of time we will need depends on the breadth of issues that each party brings to the table, as well as how much time is required to ultimately draft your agreement document.


Here is where the lawyers can really help:  once you have an agreement and these terms are drafted into your mediation document, you can take this draft to an attorney of your choice for a final review.  Having an expert explain what your legal rights are and understanding your legal position will always lead to a better mediated agreement that will stand the test of time.  

Have questions about how this process works and how you can save time and money, and get an agreement on terms that work for you? Give Meredith a call directly at 770-401-2997.  She will help you navigate through these questions and get you on the right path and avoid court.  

Private Party Mediation